Best Electric Reel For Swordfish Fishing

The best electric reel for Swordfish fishing are designed to take all the heavy work out of your Swordfish fishing and make it more fun for everyone. By incorporating electric motors into the reel mechanism, these electric saltwater reels improve the efficiency of your Swordfish fishing tackle.

Electric reels for Swordfish fishing are especially useful for offshore deep drop ocean anglers, whether they’re fishing for daytime swordfish or plumbing the depths for tile fish and grouper. Electric reels for Swordfish fishing plug directly into your boat’s power system or run off a stand-alone 12 volt or 24 volt battery.

Lindgren Pitman S-1200 Electric Reel For Swordfish

Best Electric Reel For Swordfish Fishing

The Lindgren-Pitman LP S-1200 is one of the best electric reel for swordfish fishing that brings state-of-the-art technical advances to swordfish fishing. Increased efficiency from new technology allows high performance with 12 volts D.C. input. This level of performance was not previously available at 12 volts. The electronics provides for many new features not available before including a counter and stop at top automatic operation.

The Lindgren-Pitman LP S-1200 weighs approximately 20 pounds with an empty spool. Please take into account the load requirements that your rod holders can handle. We recommend that at the very minimum your existing holders should be bracketed to the gunnel. Lindgren-Pitman manufactures an optional rod holder bracket suitable for mounting this swordfish fishing reel. As with any swordfish fishing reel be sure it is tethered to the boat in case it breaks free from the rod holder, a hole is provided in base clamps to facilitate this.

The all new cantilever spool design allows for a completely sealed drive system for long reliable, maintenance free use. The gear driven level winder line wraps automatically for hands off carefree retrieval. It is the most rugged and ergonomically designed best electric swordfish fishing reel available. US & Foreign Patents Pending

Lindgren Pitman S-1200 Spool Choice:
The LP S-1200 can be purchased with either the glass filled nylon (plastic spool) or with a titanium spool. For most situations the plastic spool is sufficient. For applications that use less than 130 pound braided line such as daytime sword fishing or if you are pulling heavy dredges the titanium spool is highly recommended.

Using the Lindgren Pitman S-1200:
Once the wiring has been routed and the electric reel for Swordfish is mounted the Lindgren Pitman S-1200 is ready for service. As with any other instrument a little practice will make its use second nature. Plug the cord into the receptacle and backlight will illuminate the display reading 0000.

Begin by releasing the drag and pulling the lever towards you, “free spooling” the line about 20 feet. Push the reset button and wait approximately four seconds to set the counter to zero. The counter only counts the number of revolutions of the spool and is an approximate measurement of feet.

The actual payout varies by the amount and diameter of line on the spool and the stretch of the type of line being used. This is why you should always “free spool” some line prior to setting the counter to allow for a margin of safety when using the auto retrieve.

Once the counter has been reset release the drag again and notice the counter numbers increasing as the line leaves the spool. While free spooling adjust the drag so it pays out at a nice even speed. This is the first stage of the 2-stage drag system incorporated into the Lindgren Pitman S-1200.

It offers a very light drag for the first travel of the drag lever. When you notice there is no more tension on the line adjust the drag allowing for the line to continue traveling on the ocean floor.

Look for short movements on the rod indicating fish are on. Once you have decided to retrieve the rig press both red buttons marked “man” for manual and hold them down together for at least two seconds. The the best electric reel for swordfish fishing will begin to retrieve the line until the counter reaches 0000.

Once this happens the electric reel for Swordfish shuts off. To get your rig to the top of the pole press either of the “man” buttons which manually retrieves the line as long as the button is pushed. Once the rig is to the top of the pole the same procedure can be repeated over and over again.

Lindgren Pitman S-1200 Features:

– High Power state-of-the-art 12 VDC motor operation
– Electronic Control and Switching
– Electronic Counter
– Stop at Top Mode
– Simple Controls
– Hands Off Hauling
– Gear Driven Level Winder
– Ergonomic Cantilever Design
– Electronics Sealed with Inert Gas Atmosphere
– Titanium Spool (Optional) Endures Any Type or Size of Fishing Line
– Anodized Aluminum Alloy Construction
– Changeable Spool Design
– 2 Stage Drag System
– External Preset Drag Control & Vernier Control
– Smooth Wide Span Drag Control (180 degrees)
– 0 to 60 lb. Plus Drag Capability
– Designed for Continuous Fishing in Deep Water for Large Fish
– All Line Usable Spool Design
– High Line Capacity Spool
– Standard or Downrigger Style Rods Available

Lindgren Pitman S-1200 Maintenance:
Treat the Lindgren Pitman S-1200 the same as you would of any other high quality marine electronic component. While the Lindgren Pitman S-1200 is completely sealed care should be taken to minimize its exposure to the salt water environment. If possible, remove the electric reel for Swordfish from the rod holders when not in use. Always rinse the electric reel for Swordfish with fresh water and thoroughly dry.

The case is made from aluminum and is hard anodized to prevent corrosion, it does not require any special care beyond that noted. The nylon and titanium spools will not react with any type of line used and require no maintenance. The display bezel is glass and is very durable but be careful not to place any weight on the glass or let anything hit it as it could shatter.

NEVER use abrasive cleaners on the S-1200, just soap and fresh water. Before any outing test the reel prior departure to be sure all of the features are functioning correctly. Every season the reel should be thoroughly inspected for any damage or corrosion. Inspect the cord for any cuts and inspect all of the electrical terminals, they should be free of corrosion.

Lindgren Pitman S-1200 Current Overload Protection:
The Lindgren Pitman S-1200 has three protection circuits to prevent the best electric reel for swordfish fishing from drawing too much current. It has a factory set maximum drag as a first line of protection. If for any reason this is bypassed and the reel stops operating under load, the current limiting safety has more than likely been triggered.

Simply push either of the man buttons twice and it will reset the reel and it should continue running. If this still does not work unplug the electric reel for Swordfish and let it set for approximately one minute without power. This clears the software and the reel should continue to function.

One of the most common reasons for this is the use of under sized wire. Please make sure to use a minimum of 8 gauge wire and keep wire runs no longer than twenty feet. Inspect connections for corrosion and never cut down the wire braid when making connections to power, fuses and receptacles.

Shimano BeastMaster 9000 Electric Reel For Swordfish

Best Electric Reel For Swordfish Fishing

New for 2020, the Shimano BeastMaster 9000 A features an upgraded GigaMax Motor that achieves 10% more winding power than its predecessor.

Upgraded to provide additional power and enhanced functionality, the Shimano BM9000 A BeastMaster electric reel for Swordfish is Shimano’s premier power assist the best electric reel for swordfish fishing for deep dropping. Featuring an enhanced version of the brushless GigaMax Motor that gave the original Shimano BeastMaster its reputation for unwavering power, the Shimano BM 9000 A achieves 10% more winding power than its predecessor.

With a maximum winding power of 290lbs and a staggering 55lbs of maximum drag pressure, the Shimano BeastMaster 9000 A is capable of going toe-to-toe with biggest, baddest monsters of the deep.

Incorporating a Thermo Adjust Drag system that provides a 50% heat reduction, along with Heat Free System II that allows any built up heat to release through the side vents within the reel’s side plate, the Shimano BeastMaster 9000A is masterfully designed to withstand the punishment of multi-hour battles with giant tuna or swordfish.

Normally the best electric reel for swordfish fishing with this type of power and capabilities are extremely heavy and cumbersome, while the BM9000A weighs in at only 52.4oz and is easily maneuvered around your boat after the initial hook up.

Whether you are kite fishing, deep dropping for tilefish and other deep water dwellers, or even daytime swordfishing, the Shimano BeastMaster 9000 A is up to the challenge.

Technology Found In Shimano BM9000A BeastMaster Electric Reels:

Hagane Body – A reel body with high rigidity, which virtually eliminates body flexing due to its stiffness and impact resistance. The result? An angler’s actions are more efficiently transformed into cranking power. It’s efficiency through strength.

E-Exciting Drag Sound – Produces an audible drag sound in place of a mechanical clicker to provide the angler better feedback when a fish makes a run.

GigaMax Motor – A brushless motor design that provides the angler with extraordinary torque, high speeds, and supreme durability.

Thermo Adjust Drag – A control function designed to suppress abnormal heat generation of the drag so as to maintain stable drag performance. If the drag slips while the motor of the best electric reel for swordfish fishing is on, the gear will idle and cause an abnormal heat generation in the drag portion. In order to suppress this heat generation, when the drag is slipping, the motor speed is automatically reduced.

Heat Free System II – Dissipates motor heat through vents in the reel’s side plate to ensure the GigaMax Motor delivers peak power all day long and does not overheat.

Fine Dot LCD – Ultra-Clear LCD Screen remains easily readable even in full sunlight.

Cross Carbon Drag – Allows for a wider range of drag settings, enhanced drag washer durability, and the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever.

S A-RB Bearings – These bearings undergo the same anti-corrosion process as Shimano’s A-RB Bearings, with the addition of shields on both sides of the bearings to reduce the possibility of salt, dirt, or other foreign objects inhibiting the bearing’s rotation.


Does it come with a power source? If not, how is it powered?

The BM9000A comes equipped with alligator clips and is powered by a 12 volt marine deep cycle battery.

Are manual and on screen instructions in English or Japanese?

It will have an English screen instruction.

Is the depth in feet or meters?

Depth is displayed in meters.

Daiwa Seaborg 1200MJ Electric Reel For SwordfishBest Electric Reel For Swordfish Fishing

The newly redesigned Daiwa Seaborg 1200MJ is the ultimate battle machine. It is powerful, quiet and smooth and has an output of roughly 1.3 times greater than previous motors. The new aluminum composite housing is designed to maximize the release of heat and keep the Mega Torque Motor cool, ensuring that power is available all the time.

The new Daiwa Seaborg 1200MJ allows the user to quickly switch between mega-power mode and mega-speed mode by merely touching a button. During retrieve, the new speed function switches smoothly and efficiently and allows the angler the ability to alternate to the best speed, depending on the situation.

This swordfish fishing reel utilizes ATD (Automatic Drag System) system that gives the angler the power and poise to take control of whatever crosses their path. ATD is a combination of seven large carbon washers and enhanced drag grease. The new grease has a low viscosity at rest, yet becomes more viscous right after drag start up, reducing initial drag start-up inertia.

When combined the structural changes to the ATD Drag washers, the result is a smoother, stronger drag from initial hook up, allowing the angler to concentrate on the fight. This tough drag function will adjust according to the pulling of fish.

On the Daiwa Seaborg 1200MJ, to keep the drag smooth under extreme pressure, an aluminum drag radiator is located on the handle shaft that dissipates heat away from the drag system, maximizing the release of heat, keeping the drag cooler for better drag performance.

This function will maintain the drag power to help land large fish. In addition, an alarm sound function will notify anglers when the line is being pulled out.

This swordfish fishing reel features Magsealed Ball Bearing technology that prevents water and dust from invading the ball bearing. This technology reduces reel corrosion and noise and greatly increases the lifetime of the electric reel for Swordfish.

The Seaborg’s LCD screen displays large letters/numbers and uses a dotted LCD screen to make it easier for anglers to see the screen. Line input procedures are selectable in Japanese or English languages.

The new smaller Daiwa Seaborg 800MJ is designed as the ultimate stand-up electric game electric reel for Swordfish with a smaller compact size with immense power. The new motor allows the angler to pump the rod while the motor does all the work.

The Daiwa Seaborg 1200MJ is the ideal choice for deep water. The massive line capacity combined with sheer power is perfect for fishing the deepest waters of the ocean.

The new Seaborg Jog Power Lever system is designed for stand up fishing techniques.

Daiwa Seaborg 1200MJ Electric Reel Features:

– Powerful Megatwin (switchable between high/low gear
– Magsealed ball Bearing
– English version LCD
– Jog Power Lever
– Oversize SIC line guide
– Drag radiator
– Electric current usage No load – 4 amps, Rated 7/5A (Hi/Lo) amps, Maximum power – 20 amps
– Convenient 12-Volt DC Operation (acceptable range of voltage 12-16.8V)
– Line Counter and Depth Memory
– LCD Readout